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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Registration is now open for Gateway 2015-16 classes.

Class Selection 5-7 (8)  unless indicated  *high 4th graders may take classes upon approval

1      9:00– 10:00       PreAlgebra  $25 mathxl fee per student   (could move to different time)
(optional paper format if parents are willing to grade everyday work.)
                                  Hands on Science - God’s Design for Science Physical Science
                                                $25 lab fee per FAMILY
2      10:00 – 11:15    English Grammar/Composition  (6-9)
3      11:15 - 12:15     U.S History/geography (6-12) - All American History - book 2
                                  Hands on World Geography $10 material fee
    12:00 - 12:45         LUNCH
 4     12:45 - 1:45       Literature (7-12) (includes literary analysis)
                                  Hands on Literature (5-7) (Reading group) $10 material fee
5     1:45 – 2:45         Latin - Latina Christiana Book 1
                                  Chinese (7-12)
6     2:45-3:45            Bible (7-12)
                                  Music/rhythm percussion $10 material fee

Class Selection High School  (8) 9-12

1     8:30 - 10:00       Integrated Science Chemistry/Physics  
  $25 lab fee per family (Prentice Hall or BJU option)
2    10:00 - 11:15      Geometry  (9-12)  $25 mathxl fee per student
                                  Algebra 1 (8-12)  $25 mathxl fee per student
                                  English Grammar/Composition (6-9)
3    11:15 - 12:15      Govt/Econ - Civics in Action Prentice Hall w/CLEP option
                                  US History/Geography (6-12) All American History - book 2
   12:00 - 12:45          LUNCH
4          12:45 - 1:45   SAT Grammar/Composition                   
                                  Literature (7-12)                 
5          1:45-2:45       Latin - Ecce Romani book 1
6          2:45-3:45      Bible (7-12)

_____ Health (9-12) (Alpha Omega Life Pacs - paced and graded through Gateway) 
_____ Remedial math, Geometry, Algebra 1,2 or advanced math through Math Xl with
individual tutoring available.    $25 mathxl fee per student

_____ Virtual classes through Grad Point (6-12)  (Including: SAT English prep, SAT Math prep,
 sciences, Sociology,Psychology, and numerous electives.)  *No class time required.   
Curriculum Prices vary between $98 for one or two shared classes (co-op students only)
or individual seat $159,which allows for multiple classes at no additional fee. 
AP classes have an added charge.   (All online textbooks are included)

Refer to Grad Point catalog for class listings.   

Current Grad Point classes:  

Accounting 1**
Administrative Duties and Office
Anatomy & Physiology*
Business Communication**
Business Information Systems**
Computer Programming 1
Criminal Investigation*
Digital Photography I
Digital Photography II
Forensic Science I
Forensic Science II
Health, Safety & Nutrition*
Hospitality & Tourism
International Business
Intro to Astronomy*
Intro to Criminal Justice**
Intro to Early Childhood Education*
Introduction to Finance*
Introduction to Homeland Security**
Introduction to Law*
Introduction to Medical Assisting**
Introduction to Psychology**
Sociology I
Sociology II
Law & Order
Medical Terminology*
Personal Psychology I
Personal Psychology II
Principles of Marketing**
Research Methods**
Social Problems I
Social Problems II
Sports & Entertainment Marketing
Veterinary Science
General Studies
Creative Writing I*
Intro to Culinary Arts*
Public Speaking I*
Fashion & Interior Design
Gothic Literature
Great Minds in Science
History of the Holocaust
Health Science
Adaptive Personal Fitness IEP or 504 Plan
Fitness Lifestyle Design
Health Opportunities through Physical
Education (HOPE)
Personal Fitness
Anthropology I
Anthropology II
Art History and Criticism I (Honors)
Art I*
Human Geography
Music Appreciation
Mythology & Folklore
World Religions
English I*
English II*
English III*
English IV*
Algebra 1*
Algebra 2*
Integrated Math I *
Integrated Math II*
Integrated Math III*
Integrated Math IV
Earth Science
Environmental Science
Physical Science
US History
World History
AP Art History
AP Biology
AP Calculus AB
AP Calculus BC
AP Computer Science A
AP English Language and Composition
AP English Literature & Composition
AP Environmental Science
AP Human Geography
AP Macroeconomics
AP Microeconomics
AP Psychology
AP Statistics
AP United States Government & Politics
AP United States History

*Honors classes are also available.

Registration @ $10 per student   (administrative - paid only once a year)   
Class Registration @ $10 per class  (Registration for year long classes paid only once.)
 Lab/material  fees as indicated.

per student *
Through Aug. 1.
(9 payments-Sept.- May)
1 class
2 classes
3 or 4 classes
5 or 6 classes
7 or more
 *Family discounts available depending on classes - calculated on an individual basis.  (For instance:  2nd student in same class is 1/2 tuition.  3rd student in same class is free tuition. Material fees and registration are not reduced unless indicated.)