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Monday, December 29, 2008

New Year's Eve Party

Gateway Homeschool Network invites you to an evening of games and celebration.

New Year's Eve Party at Gateway Christian Fellowship
10728 W. 133rd Ave. Cedar Lake, IN 46303

Starts at 8:00 pm (or whenever you can arrive)
Lasts until ?? (around midnight we will have a short time of worship and devotion.)

Bring your favorite game(s), snacks and drinks to share.

You are welcome to bring the entire family and friends.

Drop me an email if you can and let me know how many are coming so I can get the paper supplies. (You are still welcome even if you don't RSVP)

Happy New Year!

Judy Gardner
219-696-2064 or 219-712-3631

Sunday, November 2, 2008


"Most People Sport Stacking
at Multiple Locations in One Day";

World's Largest

Sport Stacking


Thursday, Nov. 13, 2008

Gateway Homeschool Network
1:00 pm
Gateway Christian Fellowship
10728 W. 133rd Ave. Cedar Lake


Co-Sponsored with Cedar Lake Parks Dept.
6:30 - 7:30 pm
Cedar Lake Town Hall
7408 Constitution Ave

pre-register by calling 696-2064

or email

Great fun for children and youth, and parents also.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Oct. Highlights

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Thursday, Oct. 30 1-3 pm

All area homeschoolers and their families invited.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Openings in High School classes

There are still openings for grades 8-12.

Enrichment classes scheduled to begin!

Beginning Band - Informational meeting at 12:30 pm on September 11th. Let's see who wants to join and what instruments will be played.

Enrichment classes for grades 3-8 begin Thur. September 11th. The first six week series include:

Block 1 - Hands on Science: Forensic
Block 2 - Basic Drawing: Thomas Kincade series
Block 3- Discover unit: Great people in American History with Drive thru History video

Parents please submit any ideas you have or requests for classes soon so we can plan the next series.

New Building Next Week

Gateway Christian Fellowship has been granted occupancy for the building at 10728 W. 133rd Ave. in Cedar Lake. Starting next week we have a permanent home!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

First Day of Class

Classes for grades 8-12 begin on Tuesday, September 2, 2008. Our first class will be held at the Brunswick Community Center in Cedar Lake. They have been gracious to allow us to meet there until the new bulding has cleared all inspections. Registration for the enrichment classes continues until Sept. 11.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Register NOW!

Register for classes, grades 8 - 12, through Aug. 15th. Print and fill out the forms on the link to the left and mail them to us. Text book requirements will be sent to you. Please call if you have any questions. Class space is limited so register soon to reserve a spot.

Register for enrichment classes, grades 3-7, by completing the registration form on the left and mailing it to us. More details will be posted soon on these classes. For Beginning Band also complete the Class Selection form.

Monday, June 30, 2008

2008-2009 Classes

Class offerings for grades 8 -12
  • Biology 2 semesters (Bob Jones with D.I.V.E)

  • Physics 2 semesters (Bob Jones)

  • Literature 1 semester (Bob Jones Elements of Literature)
  • Analyzing Literature CLEP 1 semester (Elements of Literature, CLEP materials)
*These classes run concurrently, however there will be additional class time added for those preparing for CLEP.
NOTE: English Composition will be offered second semester)

  • Algebra II 2 semesters (Saxon)

  • World History 2 semesters (The Wester Heritage TLC-Kagan)
  • Western Civilization I CLEP elective (The Western Heritage TLC-Kagan, CLEP materials)
*These classes run concurrently, however there will be additional class time added for those preparing for the CLEP . CLEP covers the time period through 1648, World History will continue until the end of the year.

  • Spanish I 2 semesters ( Ven Conmigo)

  • Beginning Band 1 or 2 semesters (Standard of Excellence)

Costs of program

It is our desire to keep the costs as affordable as possible for families.

For grades 8 - 12, registration is $10 each class. Science has a $50 lab fee.
We are asking each FAMILY to donate $20 a month which goes toward utilities, and general supplies.

All books are the responsibility of the parents.

Band registration is $10 (Monthly donation of $10 per family if this is the only class taken otherwise it is included in the program.)

Enrichment classes
No registration fee. We are asking each FAMILY to donate $10 a month or $2.50 a week to help cover general cost of running the program.

Optional text books and some supplies will be the responsibility of the parents.

NOTE: Since this is a co-op, we need parents to volunteer to co-teach a class, sub occasionally, or help with set up, tear down at the end of the day, clean up, or assist in study hall occasionally.

If you have any questions or would like to register, send an email to or call 219-696-2064 or 219-712-3631.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Co-Op Classes

Co-Op Classes
(from HLSDA web site)

If you are feeling unsure about teaching a particular high school course because of the amount of preparation needed for daily teaching, you may want to join a co-op or form a new one.

As the name implies, co-ops involve cooperative teaching where two or more parents join together to teach a course. For example, four homeschooling moms might collaborate on a high school history course. Each mom would be responsible for preparing lesson plans, planning field trips, and leading discussions for a quarter. Your investment of preparation and instruction for one quarter would pay off in your child receiving instruction for the whole school year.

Alternatively, instead of dividing up teaching responsibilities in terms of quarters, each mom could focus on a particular time frame. For an American History course, a different mom might teach each of the following sections: the Revolutionary War through the Civil War; Reconstruction through World War I; World War II through Vietnam; and the 1970’s through the present. Yet another co-op option is to team up with one or two other moms and have each mom teach one subject that she feels comfortable teaching to everyone else’s children. You’ll cut down on the number of individual courses that you are preparing for, and your child will be taught by a mom who has had plenty of time to plan and research that subject.

Co-ops also provide networking time for moms. It’s fun to coordinate and plan out the year together. Just make sure at the outset that everyone is on board and has agreed on the responsibilities of each mom and students so that the group functions smoothly.
Finally, should you decide to end each quarter or semester with your student presenting a paper or other type of learning summary, co-ops provide ready-made audiences!

Check out my Slide Show!

Check out my Slide Show!

Our Values

  • We value the parent's choice to educate their children and desire to partner with them providing encouragement, support and assistance.
  • We value unity in the body of Christ and will adhere to non-denominational fundamental beliefs in all co-op activities.
  • We value children as whole beings created in God's image with individuality, uniqueness, dignity, and potential. Therefore, we will help create a safe environment where children can meet, and programs designed to help children grow physically, intellectually, emotionally, socially, and spiritually
  • We value relationships and recognize the significance of children building healthy relationships with adults, peers, and children of other ages.
  • We value excellence and are committed to provide educationally sound programs of the highest quality.