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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

New Gradpoint Classes available this year:
  • HS: Introduction to Communication (C)
  • HS: Accounting II (C)
  • HS: Principles of Management (C)
  • HS: Business Math (C)
  • HS: Introduction to Paralegal Profession (C)
  • HS: Developmental Writing (C)
  • HS: Java Programming I (C)
  • HS: Cosmetology (E)
  • HS: Theater, Cinema, and Film Production (E)
  • HS: Careers in Criminal Justice (E)
  • HS: Introduction to Agriscience (E)
  • HS: Introduction to Entrepreneurship (E)
  • MS: Journalism (E)
And don't forget SAT prep both English and Math available.
See the link on the right for other listings.