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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Clarification on Gateway's virtual classes using GradPoint.

Attached is the complete list of virtual classes offered at Gateway this year for grades 6 - 12.   We piloted the program with a few students last year with success.   You may choose from any of the classes offered.  Each student must have their own "seat."   For this year, each seat is $159 for the premium suite (core classes and electives) with an additional charge for AP classes.  If you are wanting only core classes and no electives we may be able to lower the cost some, for instance middle school core subjects only (no electives) would be $59.  This cost covers the online curriculum and there are no other books to purchase.   

You are not required to physically attend any classes at Gateway to enroll in the virtual classes.  They are all completed at home.   A face to face meeting is highly recommended to make sure you understand how the program works.   

GradPoint classes are a combination of Pearson Education classes, Florida Virtual School classes, and a few independent companies.   There are several options available to the parents to individualize the program:  Flex classes allow the students to complete the class in any order.   Prescriptive classes provide a pre-test for the students to take and adjust the homework according to scores on the pretest, which are not counted in any grades, allowing students to progress through the course focusing on material they are not as familiar with.  Sequential classes start at the beginning and work through the material systematically.  Many of the core classes give you these options when you enroll.  You will see these classifications on the course offering list. 

Gateway's tuition is minimal to cover administrating the program, which includes grading and assistance as necessary to help you as and your student be successful.   

per student *
(9 payments-Sept.- May)
1 class
2 classes
3 or 4 classes
5 or 6 classes
7 or more

*Family discounts available depending on classes - calculated on an individual basis.  (For instance: For GradPoint this year we are offering a 50% discount for the  2nd student in the family with the 3rd student receiving free tuition. Material fees and registration are not reduced unless indicated.  Additionally, this year the only registration cost is the $10 student fee, as we have waived the individual class registration.)  

If you would like to see the classes, please call me and set up a time for a preview.  

Additionally, enrollment in the virtual program also includes the opportunities for participation in co-op field trips, special events, or enrollment in weekly co-op classes at Gateway, including our drama production second semester.  Students must adhere to Gateway's policies on these events.  

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Judy Gardner
Gateway Homeschool Network
219-696-2064 or 219-712-3631

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