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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Planning meeting June 13th at 11:00 at Gateway to finalize class offerings for 2012-2013.
Please join us if you have suggestions or would like to be involved as a teacher or assistant.

Registration will begin June 15 and extend through July 15.  

The following classes have been confirmed:

Physics (Conceptual Physics-Prentice Hall) grades 9-12
Research Writing (Excellence in Writing) grades 9-12 first semester
Algebra 2 (with online math lab-Prentice Hall) grades 9-12
Algebra 1 (with online math lab - Prentice Hall) grades 8-12
Government/Econ grades 9-12
Computer Applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
*Yearbook (Must be enrolled in other Gateway classes. Includes photography, graphic design, and journalism - will meet as arranged throughout the year.)
Drama - second
Elements of Communication (Alpha Omega Publications)- second semester

For middle school:

Basic math (materials pending)
Science - Physical Science
English - Excellence in Writing
History/Geography (materials pending)

(some electives we are considering will be for grades 7-12)

If you are interested in a SAT prep class please let me know.

We will also have classes available through Florida Virtual School.  These classes are graded by Gateway teachers and can be individualized to meet each student's needs, which greatly reduces the cost.  If interested please let me know.