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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Gateway Homeschool Network
2011-2012 Informational meeting

Saturday May 21
1:00 following the curriculum sale

Plans for next year will be discussed
We will be accepting class reservations for next years high school classes.

This year Gateway will offer:

Tier 1: field trips and special events for all ages
Tier 2: Enrichment classes for grades 1-8 scheduled throughout the year.
Tier 3: Co-op classes for high school and junior high on Tuesdays (classes dependent on parent volunteers.)
Tier 4: Pilot program offering virtual classes for grades 7-12 using our teachers from the co-op and virtual school curriculum, combined with small group sessions meeting throughout the semester (not all will meet weekly).

The virtual classes will be available to view in the afternoon on Saturday.

The following high school classes with teachers are confirmed contingent on a minimum number of students:

Earth Science (full year) (8-12)
Anatomy (first semester) (must have taken biology)
English - Excellence in Writing (high school level EIW introductory course) 9-12 - first semester
English Advanced - Excellence in Writing (1 or 2 years experience with EIW) 9-12 - first semester
Latin (9-12)
Spanish 1 (9-12)
World History (9-12) (Assistant teacher needed)
Bible - World Religions (8-12)
Geometry (9-12)
Algebra 1 (9-12)
Pre-Algebra (7-10)
Drama - second semester
Themes in Literature - second semester
Keyboarding (teacher needed)
Computer Literacy (word processing/spreadsheets/Powerpoint) (teacher needed)

Watch the blog spot for more details on classes. If you are interested in teaching a class or becoming involved please contact Judy Gardner 219-712-3621.

Additional classes may be added as parents step up to the plate.

Jr./Sr. High School co-op costs (grades 7-12)

$10 per person
$10 per class per student (Reserves space and provides funds to purchase initial teacher/class materials.)

Material fees

Material fees cover copying costs, (ink, paper etc.) as well as incidentals for each class.

Material fees are due in August before classes begin. Material fees will be determined by June 30.


1 or 2 classes
monthly $20
semester $90
year $180
3 classes
monthly $30
semester $135
year $270
4 or 5 classes
monthly $40
semester $180
year $360
6 or more
monthly $50
semester $225
year $450

Payment options:

Full payment (10% discount)
Semester (10% discount)
Monthly (10 payments Aug. through May)

Registration begins now, complete registration form and submit registration fees to reserve space in class. Final decision on class offerings will be determined by June 15, based on number of students enrolled. Book information will be given at that time. Virtual School curriculum cost for this pilot year is $98 per class - no additional books are required. Please do not purchase book before you are notified that the class minimums are met. All registration fees are non-refundable except in the event that minimum registration is not met or class exceeds maximum.

Parents are responsible for text books or virtual school curriculum, initial material fee, and may be asked to provide miscellaneous supplies or make a small donation to cover additional costs if necessary throughout the year.

To offer this type of diversified program, we ask that all parents find a place to serve, whether it be teaching, assisting, grading papers, record keeping, setting up, tearing down, cleaning up, organizing parties, arranging field trips – or ??? The co-op will only function with your cooperation, which allows us to keep the costs down. ( All teaching materials will be supplied.)

This is a ministry of Gateway Christian Fellowship and we do not want to turn anyone away due to finances. Individual and family plans may be arranged.