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Monday, May 3, 2010

2010-2011 Registration

Gateway 2010-2011

Jr./Sr. High School (grades 7-12)

$10 per person
$10 per class per student
(Reserves space and provides funds to purchase initial teacher/class materials.)

Material fees

Material fees cover copying costs, (ink, paper etc.) as well as incidentals for each class.
Material fees are due in August before classes begin. Material fees will be determined by June 15.


1 or 2 classes
3 classes
4 or 5 classes
6 or more

Payment options:

Full payment (10% discount)
Semester (10% discount)

Registration begins May 4, complete registration form and submit registration fees to reserve space in class. Final decision on class offerings will be determined by June 15, based on number of students enrolled. Book information will be given at that time. Please do not purchase book before you are notified that the class minimums are met. All registration fees are non-refundable except in the event that minimum registration is not met or class exceeds maximum.

Parents are responsible for text books, initial material fee and
may be asked to provide miscellaneous supplies or make a small donation to cover additional costs if necessary throughout the year.

To offer this type of diversified program, we ask that all parents find a place to serve, whether it be teaching, assisting, grading papers, record keeping, setting up, tearing down, cleaning up, organizing parties, arranging field trips – or ??? The co-op will only function with your cooperation, which allows us to keep the costs down. ( All teaching materials will be supplied.)

Class offerings
Biology 9-12
Sat Prep 10-12
Pre Algebra 7-10

English Advanced 9-12
Career Planning and Success 7-12
Basic Math 7-9

Algebra 2 9-12
Algebra 18-12
Health 9-12
Life Science 7-8

English 1 9-12
Spanish 2 9-12
Bible - Thinking Like a Christian 9-12
Jr.High U.S. History 7-8

Speech 9-12
American Cinema 9-12
Jr. High English 7-8

U.S. History 9-12
Jr. High Literature 7-8

Journalism 9-12

Check link for class selection form and times.