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Thursday, March 4, 2010

High School Planning

Today was our brainstorming session and we have lots of ideas. Below is a list of the classes suggested for next year. If you are considering joining our high school classes next year, would you please email us with a list of classes you are interested in by numbering them 1-10, 1 being most important to you. We will have another planning session on March 25 and hope to set the classes at that time. We will do another pot-luck lunch so please bring something to share. There will be no enrichment classes that day. We will begin at 11:00. Please email your list by March 18 so we have time to compile them.

(We will add the jr. high classes as soon as the high school is set.)




Personal Finance

Bible, Worldview

Logic/Critical Thinking


Algebra 1

Algebra 2

SAT Prep


Earth Science


U.S. History


English 1

English 2

English 3


Study Skills

Computer Skills

Auto Upkeep

Home Ec

Would you be interested in any of these last two classes in the summertime? Is anyone interested in dual credit college courses as a group?